Lincolnshire Echo - Friday 5th December 2014.
Food Monster: You won't go hungry with a trip to Gabby's

A word of warning, if you are planning to have a meal at Gabby's don't eat for a week beforehand.

I regularly walk past this quaint looking little Greek place in the High Street and have wanted to try it out for some time.

My dining partner and I walked in and were taken aback at how big it was inside.

It looks tiny from the outside but with its high ceilings and vast interior it was like the Tardis.

We were the only people in the restaurant but we were swiftly greeted by a lady, who we assumed to be Gabby, with a big smile.

As we ordered our drinks we scanned the menu and decided to opt for the Famous Greek Mezze – "when in Rome", as they say.

The menu promised a variety of the most popular Greek dishes specially chosen and prepared by the chef including a starter and dessert each.

As we waited for our starters to arrive Greek music filled the restaurant and despite the chilly weather outside there was a real holiday feel inside.

After a short wait we were presented with a basket full of warm pitta breads and a selection of tasty Greek dips including taramasalata, tzatziki and humus.

We also had a bowl of Greek salad, cous cous and creamy potato salad to tuck into.

As we filled up, the waitress returned with more pittas and more dishes for us to try.

This time we had a plate of grilled halloumi cheese, ham and Greek meatballs.

As I said, we both enjoy a feast but within minutes, more food arrived and we started to worry how we were going to get through it all.

Bursting at the seams

A bowl full of garlic mushrooms and another full of calamari were squeezed onto the already overcrowded table.

Despite feeling rather full, we both agreed that it was all very tasty but we were definitely ready for dessert.

But there was no such luck. Next up a plate full of chicken drumsticks and a large portion of lamb, accompanied by a pile of steaming potatoes.

With a deep breath, we tucked in.

It was reminiscent of that Vicar of Dibley episode where the vicar has to eat about four Christmas dinners in one day.

The meat was tasty and succulent and the spuds were soft and salty but by this point we had both hit a brick wall.

To our relief the staff agreed to bag the leftovers up for us and informed us that dessert was up next.

A plate full of refreshing fruit and a slice of "Gabby's Famous Baklava" was placed before us and, despite feeling like I was almost bursting at the seams, this went down a treat.

I think this restaurant would be an ideal venue for a party of people who are looking for somewhere with a good atmosphere and can handle a mighty feast full of food.